Based out of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, their epic story began back in 2012 when both Liam and Noah quit their jobs and dropped out of their respective universities to pursue their dreams. Hard core. After some pyrotechnic purging they went rudimental, “all we had left were the essentials: passport, wallet, some clothes, a few books, laptop, phone, earphones, and some photo books.”

The Tinker Brothers have a fire that continues to burn inside, and like many before, they had been too afraid to face it. They were done with the bullshit, the playing it safe, the suffering - pretending they were less than gods! So they set it ablaze, torched all the layers of false identities and every limiting belief about themselves and about what IS possible.

Five years later, their art has a lot to say. About love, about the troubles in this world - its beauty and our place in it. About our dreams and potential, our heart and suffering. About truth - the things that are so goddamn hard to say, even though we are dying to say them. These things matter, and the Tinker Brothers don’t fucking dare to leave them unsaid. Perhaps why, the bombastic voice of the Tinker Brothers resonates so poignantly is because of the graphic purity of minimalism. With the angst of the Futurists, they pack a punch that’s pure fire and traveling at the speed of light. The message is confronting and controversial, but the truth is a hard pill to swallow. With the aim to appease, they coax us with comics and create a sense of mystery by stencilling their works in varnish. Making their paintings invisible to the viewer depending on the angle and incidence of light.

What transpired is an iconic selection of art that embodies the spirit of the Tinker Brothers as they wage battle and dance with the three devils inside themselves. The rebel, questioning and revolting against established ideas and authority; the joker, speaking utter nonsense and ridiculing the seriousness of it all; and the poet, writing love letters to illuminate the subtleties of life. You’re in good company, guys!